Rosanna has trained in sketch writing, satire, and improv at The Second City Chicago. In 2018 she received the Jason Chin Scholarship and studied improv with The Maydays in England. She has worked with Tasty Snerks Co., her sketch writing has been selected for Mary Scruggs Sketch Festival, and she has written monologue jokes for Jimmy Fallopian Tubes at UCB LA.

Currently, she has the honour of playing with Lightbulb Improv.

As a cellist and vocalist, Rosanna has previously performed and toured with Julia and the Deep Sea Sirens and she has worked sessionally with The Blush Foundation, Happy Axe, National Poetry Slam Champion CJ Bowerbird, and This Can’t End Well, which led to this very excellent cover of Amazing Horse at DNA Lounge.

She once created and performed a mash-up of 90’s pop songs on cello.