Rosanna is writing her PhD at Australian National University.

She is well known for her multiple-prizewinning Three Minute Thesis talk, and has presented at conferences including Critical Animals (Newcastle), the Nordic Network for Gender, Body, and Health (University of Stockholm), and guest lectured on colonial assumptions in music history at the ANU School of Music. In 2018 she was the Seymour Summer Scholar at the National Library of Australia. She has also presented her research findings in the area of menstrual anthroposocial studies at community events around Australia and in the US.

Her current research projects include profiling the anthroposocial life of menstruants and menstrual culture, and completing her PhD on white accountability in race-critical feminist writing practice.

This is her favourite PowerPoint slide she has ever made, which involved the high craft of drawing art using her finger on her phone, for a paper on analysing stock photos used in news articles about menstrual leave.

Sick Sad Women

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