Humour & Comedy

Happy Thanksgiving, America! – The Belladonna
Scandals That Ravaged My Hometown When I Visited As An Out Lesbian
– The Belladonna
7 Alternative-Science Ways to End Climate Change – The Second City
The Original Beauty and the Beast Opening Number Adjusted for Belle’s Giant Sense of Entitlement – **2017 Most-Read Piece on The Belladonna**
Amazing: Nobody Noticed This Neglected Street Dog Until One Passionate Woman Gave It A Bowtie – Robot Butt
Registered Roller-Derby Names That Are Literary Puns – The Believer

The Best-Of Menstrual Writing Collection

The Right Kind of Blood – The Lifted Brow/The Best Of The Lifted Brow II

‘‘The Right Kind of Blood’ by Rosanna Stevens is an incisive essay on how we speak about menstruation.’ – Australian Book Review

‘This is gutsy, refreshing and honest, and hopefully it will inspire other writers to talk about women’s issues without all the fluff that can surround discussions of menstruation and other topics, such as menopause and incontinence.’ – Writers Bloc

Reckless and Hopeful Subservience – The Toast (Also featured on Longreads)
Bleed With Me: Menstruators Finally Have More Options So Let’s Talk About Them Extensively – The Vocal
It Gets Messy, Maybe It Should – Doing It (UQP)
In The Red – Archer Magazine
The Business of Bleeding – Queen Victoria Women’s Centre

Other Nonfiction

White Ears and Whistling Duck – The Griffith REVIEW (Highly Commended: Scribe Prize for Nonfiction)
On Translating Writing to Music – Going Down Swinging
A McSweenification – Meanjin
The Big Issue – Contributor


The Silences – The Sleeper’s Almanac
Interviews with the Other Three Quarters – Seizure Magazine
The Other Animals – Yen Magazine
Maryland – UTS Writers Anthology

Melbourne Writers Festival
Adelaide Writers Week
National Young Writers Festival
Emerging Writers Festival
You Are Here Festival
Noted Festival
Story Club
ABC Canberra Happy Hour (Drive)

Awards & Fellowships
Seymour Research Scholar, National Library of Australia
Anne Edgeworth Fellowship
YWCA Great Ydeas Grant
artsACT Project Funding
Copyright Agency Limited Career Development Fund
Katharine Susannah Prichard Young Writer in Residence

PhD (The Never Ending Story) – Australian National University
Certificate of Research Methods – Australian National University
Bachelor of Arts (Writing & Cultural Studies) – University of Technology Sydney
Satire Writing, Sketch Writing & Improv, Late Night Writing – The Second City
Intern – McSweeney’s – Voice of Witness – The Believer