Hi, I’m Rosanna. I like to transform research and esoteric fields into accessible and engaging stories, interviews, events, comedy and audio. I also believe a great researcher-writer is an improvisor and a willing dunce. You can find my published writing, and information about my creative projects and current research on this site.

I’ve appeared at festivals around Australia, including Feminist Writers Festival, Melbourne Writers Festival, Adelaide Writers Week, Emerging Writers Festival, You Are Here, and was a regular guest on the ABC Canberra Happy Hour with Adam Shirley.

In my early 20s I founded a literary collective in my home city, to support new and young writers in the region. It was called Scissors Paper Pen. Since then, I’ve directed, produced and coordinated events with organisations including LAMBDA Liftest LA, Noted Festival, Express Media, Emerging Writers Festival, the National Library of Australia, Women of Letters, and Australian National University.

For fun I gig and do sessional work on cello, piano, and voice. I’ve previously toured with Julia and the Deep Sea Sirens and worked with The Blush FoundationHappy Axe (National Live Music Awards 2017), and This Can’t End Well, which led to this quartet cover of Amazing Horse.

At the moment I’m taking a short hiatus from comedy and improv to complete a PhD – which is very, very serious.

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