The Best-Of Menstrual Writing

Since 2013, Rosanna has researched periods and menstrual culture. Below is an up-to-date collection of her published works on the topic:

The Right Kind of Blood – The Lifted Brow/The Best Of The Lifted Brow II

‘‘The Right Kind of Blood’ by Rosanna Stevens is an incisive essay on how we speak about menstruation.’ – Australian Book Review

‘This is gutsy, refreshing and honest, and hopefully it will inspire other writers to talk about women’s issues without all the fluff that can surround discussions of menstruation and other topics, such as menopause and incontinence.’ – Writers Bloc

Reckless and Hopeful Subservience – The Toast (Also featured on Longreads)
Bleed With Me: Menstruators Finally Have More Options So Let’s Talk About Them Extensively – The Vocal/Medium
It Gets Messy, Maybe It Should – Doing It (UQP)
In The Red – Archer Magazine
The Business of Bleeding – Queen Victoria Women’s Centre

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