Humour & Sketch

Rosie has worked with Tasty Snerks Co., her sketch writing has been selected for revue at the Mary Scruggs Sketch Festival, and she has written monologue jokes for Jimmy Fallopian Tubes at UCB LA. She’s also written for and performed in sketch shows at the PIT Theatre Loft NYC and The Second City Chicago. You can find out about her humorous nonfiction by checking out her work on stage. Here’s a selection of her published humour:

Happy Thanksgiving, America! – The Belladonna
Scandals That Ravaged My Hometown When I Visited As An Out Lesbian
– The Belladonna
7 Alternative-Science Ways to End Climate Change – The Second City
The Original Beauty and the Beast Opening Number Adjusted for Belle’s Giant Sense of Entitlement – **2017 Most-Read Piece on The Belladonna**
Amazing: Nobody Noticed This Neglected Street Dog Until One Passionate Woman Gave It A Bowtie – Robot Butt
Registered Roller-Derby Names That Are Literary Puns – The Believer

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