Radio & Podcasting

Rosanna has appeared as a guest on shows including the ABC Canberra Drive Show, Friday Night Lip Service on 2XX, The Soap Box, and the Writers Bloc podcast. She’s also acted as an informant on arts events and menstrual issues for ABC Radio.


Law, Art and Politics features interviews with scholars, thinkers and artists on the intersections of law, art and politics.

It is hosted and produced by Justine Poon.

Music by Rosanna Stevens.


The Antidote is an interview podcast by The Belladonna Comedy, featuring some of the top women and nonbinary comedy writers in the US, from late night, cartooning, political satire, web series and more, in conversation with Belladonna Fellow and contributor, Rosanna Stevens. Episodes also include pieces from The Belladonna Comedy, performed by improvisers and actors from around the world. Season 1 is brought to you by Arts ACT. Produced, edited, and largely musically composed by Rosanna.


Satire and Humor Festival Podcast: The Festival Comedown
Over a weekend in March, Rosanna interviewed festival guests, attendees, directors, staff and audience members, and produced several episodes of insights, recaps and retrospectives for the first ever Satire and Humor Festival in NYC.

AarhusMakers Audiodocumentary: The Transformations
In an eight hour bootcamp, a team of artists completed creative development with Phuc Van Dang to produce an exhibition in Skejby, Aarhus, at AarhusMakers’ Ovartarci gallery. Rosanna captured artist insights and responses to the process as part of an audiovisual documentation series of the intensive by AarhusMakers.


Lightbulb Improv: Making Magic
A three-episode promotional podcast for an upcoming show for Lightbulb Improv. Rosanna also arranged and recorded a version of I’ve Got The Magic In Me as the theme music, for cello.


Where You Lead
An educational podcast made as an Artist in Residence, of which the highlight was interviewing Bob Brown.

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